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Bag House Dust Collector
Bag House Dust Collector
Bag House Dust Collector
Filter Bags
Filter Bags
Filter Bags
Filter Cages
Filter Cages
Filter Cages
Filter Press Cloth
Filter Press Cloth
Filter Press Cloth
Air Slide Cloth
Air Slide Cloth
Air Slide Cloth
Scrap Grab
Scrap Grab
Scrap Grab
Vibratory Furnace Feeder
Vibratory Furnace Feeder
Vibratory Furnace Feeder
Industrial Fan
Industrial Fan
Industrial Fan
Room Type Hood
Room Type Hood
Room Type Hood
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Filtech International

Welcome To Filtech International

Filtech International started up in 1999, and we’ve been on an epic ride ever since. From our beginnings as a Bag House accessories manufacturing company to launching the first Air Pollution Control system in 2011, we’ve tried to stay true to our core beliefs “Green Pakistan” and to deliver an exceptional experience for our customers.

Our Products

We Provide Superior Products

Filtration Products

Filtech International's Bag House Dust Collector made in Faisalabad Pakistan

Dust Collector Bag Houses

FILTECH Pollution Control System & Dust Collection/Extraction system is generally comprised of Dust extracting, Bag filter & Ducting.

Filtech International's Filter Bags/ Bag Filters made in Faisalabad Pakistan

Bag Filters

We manufacture dust collector systems that include Filter Bags and also manufacture Filter bags made from different no woven felt and woven maternal sourced from leading media suppliers.

Filtech International's Filter Cages made in Faisalabad Pakistan

Filter Cages and Venturies

We manufacture a complete range of standard & non-standard cage designs to suit the customer’s requirements and all types of filter bags.

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Filtech International's Air Slide Cloth made in Faisalabad Pakistan

Air Slide Cloth

Air slides are the best energetic means of transporting bulk powder goods. Air slides are used in raw mix and cement refining, storage, and mixing.

Filtech International's Expansion Joint Cloth made in Faisalabad Pakistan

Expansion Joint Cloth

Filtech International supplies a complete range of Expansion Joint Cloth made from different types of fabrics for a wide array of Industries.

Filtech International's HVAC Pocket Filter made in Faisalabad Pakistan

Filter Press Cloth

Efficiency of filter press depends on filter clothes. And guess what Filtech International makes the finest quality filter press clothes on affordable pricings.

Filtech International's HVAC Pocket Filter made in Faisalabad Pakistan

HVAC Pocket Filter

Pocket Filters are the most common air filters in HVAC systems for industries and commercial applications as well as for residential use to improve indoor air quality and comfort.

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Engineering Related Products

Filtech International's Scrap Grab made in Faisalabad Pakistan

Scrap Grab

The Filtech International's Scrap Grabs are the result of experience, research, development and testing in collaboration with our subsidiaries and clients

Filtech International's Coal Gasification System made in Faisalabad Pakistan

Coal Gasifier

Now in Pakistan, Filtech International is a pioneer in introducing Gasifier Technology which is another source of gas. No need of LPG and Natural Gas. A new way of burning!

Filtech International's Vibratory Furnace/Scrap Feeder made in Faisalabad Pakistan

Vibratory Furnace Feeder

Filtech International's Vibratory furnace feeder/charger is effective solution to high labor cost and the problems operators face in foundries, melting shops. etc.

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Filtech International's Continuous Casting Machine made in Faisalabad Pakistan

Continuous Casting Machine (CCM)

CCM is design to cast iron and steel efficiently, its high temperature resistant, fatigue resistant, high productivity and easy to do maintenance, cooling and lubrication.

Filtech International's Room Type Hood made in Faisalabad Pakistan

Room Type Hood

Filtech International's Room Type Hood is an excellent tool to make the environment of your factory clean. Room Type Hood can bear a very high temperature and along with a dust collection system it will keep your factory clean from all kinds of dust and smoke.

Filtech International's Rotary Furnace made in Faisalabad Pakistan

Rotary Furnace

Rotary Furnace is used to melt many different kinds of metals. which include lead, zinc, iron and so on. Functionality and use of the rotary furnace mainly depends on the type of "refractory bricks" used in it.

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id fans

Industrial Fans

Filtech International's Industrial fans are known for their high quality and performance. They are durable, resistant to corrosion and rust, and made from top-notch materials. With powerful motors and low noise levels, they are designed for heavy-duty applications.

Filtech International's Hot Billet Shearing Machine made in Faisalabad Pakistan

Hot Billet Shearing Machine

Filtech International make Hot billet shearing machine using state of the art technology. It have minimum power consumption, high functionality, low maintenance and rigid construction.

Filtech International's Ladle Car made in Faisalabad Pakistan

Lade Car

Filtech International's offers state of the art Ladle Transfer Car. These cares are used in foundries. A material handling tool for hot molten metal. It is designed in such a manner to bear the impact of full load ladle, Tundish or Torpedo Ladle easily.

solenoid valve

Solenoid Valves

Filtech International's Solenoid valves are highly valued for their precise control, quick response times, reliability, durability, versatility, compact design, and energy efficiency. They provide accurate regulation of fluid and gas flow, withstand harsh conditions, handle various media, and integrate easily into existing systems.

Service Sectors

We Provide Services for following Sectors

Agriculture Sector Services Filtech International Faisalabad Punjab Pakistan Asia 1

Agriculture Sector

Cement Industry Filtech International Faisalabad Punjab Pakisatan Asia

Cement Industry

Chemical Industry Filtech International Faisalabad Punjab Pakisatan Asia

Chemical Industry

Fertilizers Filtech International Faisalabad Punjab Pakisatan Asia


Mineral Industry Filtech International Faisalabad Punjab Pakisatan Asia

Mineral Industry

petrochemicals Filtech International Faisalabad Punjab Pakisatan Asia


Pharmaceuticals Filtech International Faisalabad Punjab Pakisatan Asia


Rubber and Plastics Filtech International Faisalabad Punjab Pakisatan Asia

Rubber and Plastics

Steel industry Filtech International Faisalabad Punjab Pakisatan Asia


Sugar Industry Filtech International Faisalabad Punjab Pakisatan Asia

Sugar Mills

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