Bag Filters

Bag Filters

We manufacture dust collector systems that include Filter Bags and also manufacture Filter bags made from different no woven felt and woven maternal sourced from leading media suppliers.

Special Filter is continuously developed meeting stringent and ever reducing the allowable level of emission requirement of the industry. Special Surface Treatment is used to Increase the life of the filter bags.

We have come across customers who dreaded the high-temperature filtration our experience shows that if properly selected, fabricated, and operated the filter bag in hot gas filtrations can give -better bag life. But the filter selection along with sewing, thread, and construction is the key and you must depend on the experienced hands only. We have been fabricating filter bags that are suitable to take rigorous hot gas filtration and corrosive environments and the results are bound to be delightful.


  • Better Quality SE Performance.
  • Better Filtration.
  • Low Differential Pressure across the Bag filter
  • Produced under quality control system.
  • Positive Sealing Arrangement with Choice of Materials.
  • High Dirt Holding Capacity.
  • Longer Life Time
  • Easy Maintenance

Chemical Finish

  • Water and Oil Repellent Finnish
  • Anti-Static Conductive Fiber Blend
  • PTFE Membrane
  • PTFE Foam Coating
  • Acrylic Foam Coating
  • Acrylic Anti Static Foam Coat*
  • Anti-Spark Graphite Coating