Dust/Smoke Collector

We are engaged in manufacturing of premium quality Dust Collectors, designed with the most advanced technologies using High grade raw materials, these products are highly appreciated for their optimum durability, smooth operation, high loading capacity and outstanding performance. Incorporated with a blower, dust filler, filter-cleaning system, and a dust removeable system, these products can handle heavy dust particles without any inconvenience. Owing to their superior qualities, these products are widely used in various processes.

Filtech International offers a complete line of dependable, rugged bag house dust collectors including :

  •  Pulse Jet Air Baghouse
  • Reverse Air Baghouse
  • Shaker Baghouse

Pulse Jet Air Bag House

Pulse Jet Bag Filter incorporates the advantages of other bag filters as compartmental blow-back, pulse jet cleaning. It is suitable to the treatment of high concentration dust, simplifying the technical process of dust treatment and reducing investment of device. it’s widely used in Cement building material, metallurgy, chemicals and refractory industries, especially for the dust collector system, such as the crushing, packing, suitable for dust collection of coal grinding after some modification.

Reverse Air Bag House

In reverse-air bag houses, the bags are fastened onto a cell plate at the bottom of the bag house and suspended from an adjustable hanger frame at the top. Dierty gas flow normally enters the bag house and passes through the bag from the inside, and the dust collectors on the inside of the bags. Reverse-air bag houses are compartmentalized to allow contnous operation. Before a cleaning cycle begins, filtration is stoped in the compartment to be cleaned. Bags are cleaned by injecting clean air into the dust collector in a reverse direction, which pressurizes the compartment. The pressure makes the bags collapse partially,   causing the dust cake to crack and fall into the hope below. At the end of the end of the cleaning cycle, reverse airflow is disconnected, and the compartment is returned to the main steam the flow of the dirty gas helps maintain the shape of the bag. However to prevent total collapse and fabric chafing during the cleaning cycle, rigid rings are sewn into bags at the intervals.

Shaker Bag House

Shaker baghouse range in size from small, handshaker devices to large, compartmentalized units. They can operate intermittently or continuously. intermittent units can be used when processes operate on a batch basis; when a batch is completed, the baghouse can be cleaned. Continuous processes use compartmentalized baghouses; when one compartment is being cleaned the airflow can be diverted to other compartments. 

Multiclones Dust Collector

Filtech’s Multiclone contains number of collection tubes (Cyclone Tubes), which operates as Mechanical/Centrifugal Dust Collector for separation of dust particles from the air. This Kind of equipment generally separates the smaller particles from the air which are beyond the range of a large single cyclones. Some design separates particles as small as 10 microns.

Air and Dust which enters trough dirty air plenum goes downwards into collecting tube. flow is guided by helical vanes situated at the top of the tubes.

These vanes provides perfect spiral effect to the intake of air and creates centrifugal action to separate dust particles from the air. a vortex is created at the bottom of the tube, the clean gas forms the inner while which goes in the vertical direction to the clean air plenum.


  • All the models are manufactured in accordance with reduced transport cost and erecting time.
  • High dust separation efficiency.
  • Replaceable tubes might be Cast Alloy/ Steel Fabricated.

Cyclone Dust Collector

Filtech offers high efficiency Cyclone Dust Collectors based on the vortex technology. In Filtech Cyclones air is forced/drawn in cyclone tangentially and rotates at high velocity around the inner circumference and goes down to the bottom cone in the vortex path. The developed centrifugal force separates the dust particles from the air stream.

The heavier dust particles are separated from the air by centrifugal action and is deposited in barrel or hoper. And clean air goes out through outlet tube. Designing a Cyclone is the state of art technique.

Some Important issue like outlet tube inside the cyclone, cylindrical portion, conical portion etc. plays an important part in the declining the performance of the cyclone.

Proper examination these gives a high separation of dust, good product recovery and very low emission levels, which is not possible in the conventional design of cyclones.

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