ID Fans

These are employed for air containing dust or particles, fibers, flakes and having high temperature than ambient. Usually offered in single intel styled fans are moderately efficient and useful for dust collection, drafting and exhaust/pollution control duties. Impellers are radial tripped or backward inclined bladed type having flat of airfoil designs, with closed or open constructions. The p-v characteristic is flatter and blowers are designed for long hard duties.


Cyclones (or centrifugal collectors) create a ‘cyclonic’ or centrifugal force, similar to water going down a drain, to separate dust from the polluted air stream. The centrifugal force is created when dust filled air enters the top of the cylindrical collector at an angle and is spun rapidly downward in vortex (similar to a whirlpool action). As the air flow moves in a circular fashion downward, heavier dust particles are thrown against the walls of the collector, collect and slide down into the hopper.

Online Spark Arrestor

A spark arrester is a online device which prevents the emission of flammable debris from combustion sources, such as internal, fireplaces, and wood burning stoves. Spark arresters play a critical role in the prevention of filter media fire and ignition and expulsive atmospheres in bag house. As such, their use is required in the steel industry due it hot iron chips.

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