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We are supervised by engineers, researchers, and Technician having vast experience in manufacturing Filter Bag, Baghouse systems, Bag filtration systems, cages, and retainers for filters, Air slides, and various Accessories of different materials like Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, and special alloys to relevant standards for Cement Industries, Steel industry, pharmaceuticals, chemical plants, and other industries. Besides this, we are glad to announce our recent tie-ups with some foreign manufacturers for the supply of filter baghouses.

We can respond to opportunities, assess challenges and develop solutions, leverage relationships, and, because we are a manufacturer of Air Pollution Control Systems, we know the importance of working with the customers to create sustainable, long-term value.

We just launched our Vibratory Feeder for induction re-rolling Furnace in 2012, which is our most exciting product yet. In 2013 we introduced Coal Gasification System first time in Pakistan by using 100% locally available sources. But the best is yet to come.

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