Pneumatic Convoying

we hold expertise in designing and manufacturing of pneumatic Conveyers, which are know for their convenience and reliability. Our Pneumatic transport system is provided with automatic and manual operation, which helps in convoying sand, starch, betonies, cement and any type of powder by composition of compressed air or suction.


  • Foundry shakeout sand, bond premix and molding sand delivery system.
  • Carbon black big bag unloading, small bag unloading and weighing system to mixer hoper.
  • Bulk bag unloading and feeding system for foundry application.
  • Central dust collector unloading and dense phase conveying to sand silo.
  • Gain in weight, weighing , batching and convoying system.
  • Continuous in plant material delivery system.
  • Flux Recovery and feeding.
  • LDPE convoying.
  • Granules convoying.

Centrifugal Fans/Centrifugal Blowers

Single or Double inlet style fans are very efficient and useful for fresh air supply, ventilation and HVAC duties. Impellers are backwards curved or inclined bladed type having flat of airfoil designs.

Backward or Forward curved fans are generally used for clean air duty .

Air Flow (capacity) range: 1700CMH to 170000CMH

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